Dry Fish processing

Cox’s Bazar is famous for dry fish for years. But people used to apply toxic chemicals and pesticides on the fish to keep them free from pest and rotting. This toxic chemical is deadly hazardous for human health and also harmful for who process the fish.

COAST trust started research on the alternative and natural process of drying the sea fish and found chili and turmeric paste can be effectively used to process the dry fish instead of toxic chemicals. The processed dry fish is tested by the renowned scientific testing authority of Bangladesh BCSIR and certified.

In the course of research COAST also conducted with the Fisheries Department of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) of Mymensing and introduced the Net Tunnels for drying the fish under net so that the fish are protected from flies, crows and other dirty touches.

This is how COAST promotes hygienic and pesticide free Dry Fish.

In the course of time COAST comes across the technical and financial support from the Value Chain Development Project of PKSF (Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation) to train up at least 200 local entrepreneurs on this hygienic way of dry fish processing and provide a market linkage for them.